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Dope Flavors

Elevated Infusions

It all starts with flavor.

Pure Natural Flavors

Craft unforgettable edibles and infusions with our premier line of Pure Natural Flavors. Made specifically for the “green” space and alternative products, these ultra-concentrated flavors are the perfect choice for most edibles and infusions, and they even blend directly into a pure distillate.

The most versatile on the market, Pure Natural Flavors will elevate your products and bring consumers back for more.

Carrier Free

Flavors contain NO PG, VG, MCT or any other carrier that dilutes the flavor – AS PURE AS IT GETS

Solvent Free

Flavors contain NO solvents that are common on most state’s residual solvent lists for testing/compliance.

Natural Ingredients

Flavoring ingredients are derived from natural sources – NO synthetics or artificial sources used.

Organic Compliant

Flavors are compliant for use in certified organic products or products that may be certified.

Food Grade

Flavoring ingredients are approved for use in a regulation of the FDA or are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) on the FEMA GRAS list


Flavors are produced without genetic engineering and the flavoring ingredients are not derived from GMOs.

Curious? Hit us up at sales@theflavorco.com or visit our TFC Formulations site to learn more.

Beyond Flavor…

Our flavor experience makes us the perfect partner for your formulation, product development and manufacturing needs.  Let our expertise be your game-changer!


Formulations & Flavor Development

Want a flavor that’s all your own? Looking to flavor match?  Need an awesome gummy recipe? Want to brainstorm on a new formulation to take your product to the next level? 

Our formulation experts know what it takes.  We can help you find the right blend of sweet and spice to make your customers come back again and again.


Product Development

For brands in the green space, our team is the perfect partner.  We understand process, concentration, taste and form factor – the keys to product success.

Taking a new product to market and need support?  Looking to expand your line?  Have an idea and don’t kow where to go next?  From initial concept through manufacturing and distribution, we’ve got you covered.


Manufacturing and Product Support

You need a better manufacturing partner for better products.  We support brands with hands on manufacturing support in our own or partner facilities, depending on your specific market.

We also offer creative strategies for product consistency across markets, including our “Made by You” line and ingreadient management.

Ready to learn more?

Let’s talk flavor today!