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Welcome to the flavor co.

we’re passionate about helping cannabis and CBD brands make amazing consumer products…

and it all starts with flavor.

What makes us different?

With over 40 years’ experience creating flavors and 6 years in the green space, we are uniquely positioned to help you create amazing edibles and infusions.

What flavor inspires you today?


Primary Focus

We know your market. Cannabis and hemp-derived products are our primary focus, which means it’s our business to understand your business. We understand the unique challenges you face, both in product development and in day-to-day business operations, and we’re here to make at least one part of your job just a little easier.



We created all our flavors with your specific needs in mind. Our Pure Natural flavors contain no PG, VG, MCT, or other diluting agents. They are solvent-free, organic compliant, and the most versatile on the market, suitable for blending directly into a pure distillate or most other applications. Our OS and WS lines provide more options for those who prefer a carrier, with flavor profiles stronger than the competition. No matter which line you choose, you’ll have total flavor flexibility.



We know that the right flavor can make or break a brand. We also know that for cannabis, CBD and other alternative ingredients, it can be tough to get that flavor just right. Our flavors were created to help you stand out from your competition, with flavors that keep consumers keep coming back for more.



We go beyond flavor, with personalized service and support on every order. And when you need to go deeper, we can help. Custom flavors, flavor matching, formulations, product development and manufacturing – we do it all!