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Increase Your Marketability and Drive Sales with Flavor

We have a $40 billion global food industry and, according to Monell Chemical Senses Center, flavor is the catalyst. We absolutely agree, not only being a flavor company, but also as consumers of food, beverage, and other digestible items.

How much emphasis do you put on flavor when you think consumable product design? Our opinion is that flavors should be high on your list, as they have true marketable value. Flavors, when done carefully and considerably, can easily take the lead in marketing your product for you.

Flavor profiles are a two-fold path: 1, Consistent, reliable flavors give you consumers a reason to fall in love with and crave your products and 2, New and innovative flavors will excite the palate of current consumers while enticing new sales.

We as consumers reach for our favorite products for a flavor we love. Kids have favorite candies and cereals, adults have favorite beverages, and food connoisseurs are always looking for the pleasure of dissolving a new flavor profile on their tongue.

Not sure of the potential impact to your business?  42% of Global Consumers claim they love to try new flavors (Nielsen 2019) – that is a huge addressable audience looking for something new.

Also consider that flavor trends, like fashion, have seasons and must-haves.

How can you keep up, and use flavor to work for your product?

First, it is important to define a consistent line of base flavors across your products.
Perfect your signature flavor profiles, then protect them by working with a company that keeps your proprietary blends available only to you, then let your customers fall in love with these and come back again and again.

Next, watch flavor trends and create innovative combinations. For 2020, nostalgic sweet flavors, fruity flavors with a healthy edge, and sour/fermented flavors are taking the lead on popularity. Give your customers something new to try and capture new consumers looking for an edge.

Flavors create positive emotions, and if you can tie these tastes with a happy memory, you have nailed the nostalgic sweet flavors. Cotton Candy, Birthday Cake, and Fruit Popsicles are just a few examples of trending flavors that you can create your own spin on.

Investing in some seasonal products can also help drive sales. Seasonal Flavors have the FOMO (fear of missing out) factor, as they are only available for a limited time. How many consumers already rush for their favorite pumpkin spice latte as soon as they are available  in fall, knowing they only have a limited time, or for peppermint Oreos around Christmas?

What if you aren’t sure what flavor combinations are on trend, or what would work well with your product? Our Flavor consultants are always on the leading edge of flavor
innovation and can work with you to create ideas that will add value to your product line.

Want to learn more?  Give us a call today to discuss how flavors can increase your sales.