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The Flavor Co. Launches Innovative Beverage Concentrate with Patent-Pending Dosing System

Consumers Can Enjoy the Perfect Dose, Anywhere, Anytime

(February 26, 2024, Loomis, CA): The Flavor Co (TFC), a leading provider of flavors and formulations for the green space, today announced an innovative beverage concentrate designed with the patent-pending Dose Easy Upright dosing system. A private-label product, Beverage Maker is perfect for brands looking to jump into the booming cannabis and hemp-derived beverage space. Significantly cheaper to ship and store over ready-to-drink, Beverage Maker lets brands give their customers the assurance of precise dosing over multiple servings.

“There’s no question the beverage space is hot.  We also know the industry has a well-known dosing problem,” says Chris Farrell, CEO at TFC. “Beverage Maker solves this problem and provides brands a fast and cost-effective entry point into the space.”

Beverage Maker is a beverage concentrate using a proprietary nano liposomal technology for increased potency and absorption of the present cannabinoids. It’s offered in an on-the-go, squeezable container, with anywhere from 10 to 30 perfect doses, depending on preference and state regulations. Discreet and portable, it’s as easy as squeeze to fill, release to dose and pour to enjoy a delicious beverage anywhere, anytime.

“Beverage Maker is different because it’s portable and social,“ notes Lisa Battista, Chief Commercial Officer at The Flavor Co. “Consumers can easily share and enjoy with friends whether they are at a bar, on the golf course, or at home.”

Coming out of Dry January, it’s clear that there is considerable momentum for cannabis and hemp-derived beverages. However, getting a beverage on the shelf can be costly and time-consuming. Beverage Maker offers several benefits for brands:

  • Fast time to market – a brand can get their own Beverage Maker, with active, flavor and servings of their choosing, in as little as 8 weeks.
  • Precise dosing – brands can offer consumers the assurance of precise dosing over multiple servings
  • Lower shipping and storage costs – a single 30ml Beverage Maker = 28 8 oz cans of a ready-to-drink beverage
  • Flexibility – it’s easy to stock a variety of flavors and doses, 

Consumers will also find Beverage Maker to be a very attractive addition to their beverage routine.

  • It’s a controlled dose – no guesswork required
  • It’s easy to take anywhere – totally portable and convenient
  • It’s flexible – simply add to their beverage of choice
  • It’s discreet – consume when and where desired 
  • It’s social – easy to share in a group setting
  • It’s personal – add doses as desired

Beverage Maker is immediately available for production in seven flavors, including Dragon Fruit, Tropical Mango and Jack’s Lemonade (part of the terpene-infused series).  Additional flavors are available to suit a specific brand, including custom blends.  The product is available as a complete private-label solution and as a “made-by-you” solution to comply with state-by-state requirements.  For more information, please visit www.theflavorco.com.

Find out more about The Flavor Co.’s patent-pending dosing system, Dose Easy Upright.

About The Flavor Co.

The Flavor Co. (TFC) is a leading provider of flavors and formulations for the green space. Their Pure Natural line of flavors is the most versatile on the market, with absolutely no carrier. With over 40 years’ experience creating amazing flavors and a passion for creating cannabis and hemp-derived products that inspire customer loyalty, the TFC team extends their expertise to formulations, product development and manufacturing. The company has a FDA-registered, cGMP-certified facility located just outside Sacramento, California where they perform product development, flavor sales and hemp-derived manufacturing and a CA cannabis licensed facility located in Sacramento, California where in partnership they provide manufacturing and distribution of products in the regulated market.

Media Contact:
Lisa Battista
Chief Commercial Officer

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